Yoga in Northwich – small groups, privates and classes with experienced teacher

Yoga in Northwich - Blissful Living Studio

Yoga in Northwich with experienced Yoga teacher.  Classes, 121s and small groups. Gentle and nurturing Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra & Pregnancy Yoga.

Blissful Living has been teaching Yoga in Northwich since qualifying with the British Wheel of Yoga 1998.  Blissful Living has been teaching regular General, Pregnancy, Curvy and Well Woman Yoga classes around the Northwich and South Warrington. One to one/Private & small group sessions are available in our Northwich studio together with outdoor yoga.  Blissful Living also offers Hypnotherapy in partnership with Freethink Solutions.

So what is Blissful Living?

For many of us, the concept of Blissful Living sounds attractive, and it may well be how we try to live our lives, but everyday life has a way of getting in the way.

We lead hectic lives, rushing from one thing to another, always trying to fit just a little bit more into our days than they were designed to hold. Life can sometimes feel anything but blissful.

This is when we most need to

stop …

be still…

and reach inwards to the peace that dwells within.


Blissful Living has been established to work with you to find your own ways to achieve that peace and stillness. The aim is that you will learn tools to help you to relax, ease your physical and emotional aches and pains, and find a way to be able to return to the world, looking at things in a different way – to be able to see the world through calm eyes.


Why not take some time out of your hectic life, to do something for yourself that will help you to relieve stress and function more effectively in the world?


To start on your Blissful Living journey, contact me for an informal chat or you can head straight to our booking page and book a session in Northwich or the surrounding area.  Then you’ll give yourself the opportunity to reach inwards to the peace that dwells within.