General and One to One Yoga

HG - General Yoga Class

I love your classes - but I think my workmates love the fact I come along even more!

AH General Yoga Class

I enjoy the mix of deep peace and comfortable humour that is brought to the class.

JG - General Yoga Class

Thank you for your wonderful Yoga class this morning. I have been to some of the best studios in London, only to find the teaching that connected most deeply with me in a little village hall in Cheshire

HD - General Yoga Class

Thank your for the yoga session last night. I thought that I'd never be able to let go during the relaxation - but I fell asleep! When I woke up the world looked like a different place - and I'm still feeling now - nearly 24 hours later!

JJ General Yoga Class

I leave Alison’s classes feeling as if I’ve had a good all over workout - not only does my body feel wonderfully stretched, but I feel totally relaxed and refreshed.

NM - General Yoga Class

Thank you for the classes. My husband and my family all notice when I've been to Yoga and I feel as if I'm on a high for days!

SB General Yoga Class

Alison’s Yoga is fully connected to the world we live in. She understands about limitations and working where we find ourselves to be. She encourages us all to work to our levels. I always find that this is a little deeper than I had thought!

SM Private Yoga Sessions

I felt nervous about attending a one to one yoga session. I had never done yoga before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Alison made me feel comfortable and at ease. She worked with me to develop a practice that works for me and my lifestyle and yoga has now become an everyday part of my life.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Class

The Yoga classes are great. Even while I was getting bigger in my pregnancy there have always been stretches and postures that I can do safely. The mixture of the physical side with the breathing and deep relaxation has helped me to feel more confident about the birth. The time for a drink and a snack afterwards has been a great way for me to get to know other pregnant women locally.

SH - Pregnancy Class

Thank you once again for the brilliant Saturday morning class, it truly was the best and most help full thing i did whilst pregnant.

G L - Pregnancy Class

The yoga breathing and lots of the movements I learnt at the class were fantastic and invaluable during the labour (I actually thought it was just a false alarm as it didn't feel intense enough and was 8cm dilated when the midwives came!!). Even used the womb moodra (don't know how to spell that!) when leaning on the side of the pool!! Also the deep squatting movements like in the lotus flower sequence were brilliant and the practice we had in relaxing tongue & mouth when making movements - I kept hearing your voice telling me to do this and know that this must have really helped. In the end, I didn't even ask for the gas and air (which I'd asked the midwives to hide in the car!), all these techniques, the tens and a bit of hypno were enough to get me through!!

Anyway, we will see you soon - thank you again for all your help and I'm really going to miss the lovely me-time on a Saturday morning!

MM - Pregnancy Class

All the girls still meet up every week for lunch, ...... I think we have been a really good support for each other....and we all met because of you so for that I thank you.

S I - Pregnancy Class

Hi Alison,

I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful pregnancy yoga course that you run.

I joined your classes after being told i had a low placenta and told not to do anything that might exert myself, including most exercise.

To be honest, i wasn't expecting to gain much from it, as i was never a big believer in yoga. I was just hoping to make a few new friends and have a break from everyone trying to wrap me in cotton wool.

I came to the first class and had a fantastic time. It was light hearted, relaxed and i enjoyed sitting and chatting to the other soon be mum's after the class. I didn't feel like i had done any exercise, but the following day it hit home and i ached (in a good way).

That was it - i was hooked. I really looked forward to my classes and your instructions made it easy to follow and remember.

The further my pregnancy progressed the more and more usefull i found yoga to be. It really helped to ease my backache and was a real life line when i developed swelling in my hands and feet.

The relaxation and breathing exercises were a real help during the birth. I therefore didn't require much pain relief and was at ease when i was told i had to have an emergency c section, which previously i had been so worried about.

But the main thing i have to thank you for, is your positive words of encouragement. Your advice and outlook on child birth stayed with me from start to finish. I even repeated your words of wisdom to my husband during the birth and it truly made us both have such a positive and wonderful experience, as we both stayed calm and relaxed.

I even find myself repeating them words to other expectant mothers and advising them to take up your classes, as it made such a difference to me.

So once again I would like to thank you for helping me have the birthing experience that i wanted and for a great time during your classes.