One to One Yoga

Are you new to Yoga looking for a little extra guidance in the basics of Yoga?
Are you an experienced student who wants a more personal Yoga session?
Do you have specific needs or injuries that you would like to work around?

If any of the above ring true to you, then one to one Yoga may be for you. A private lesson can help you to deepen your practice, tailoring it specifically for your own needs. After a detailed discussion about your needs and your experience, I will tailor a Yoga routine specifically for you, giving you enough information for you to be able to establish your own personal Yoga practice at home. The lessons can be designed to follow your own particular area of interest such as breathing practices, meditation, physical emphasis, or relaxation etc. After an initial first session we can continue to meet as regularly as you feel is appropriate in order to develop and modify your personal routine.

Private Yoga sessions cost £50 for a single one and a half hour session, £135 for 3 sessions or £200 for a block of 5 sessions.

These yoga sessions normally take place in the Blissful Living Studio in Northwich.

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Small Group Yoga

Perhaps you like the thought of the personalised attention given in the one to one approach, but would prefer to be part of a small group class. If you can get together with a few friends (minimum 2 people, maximum 4 people) then I can tailor a class that suits your group’s needs.

Classes normally take place at the Blissful Living Studio.

Small Group Yoga prices vary according to the number of people:

Price info content coming soon ..