Yoga classes are an opportunity to spend some time on you, getting to know yourself a little better, and allowing yourself the space to be the person that you were meant to be, without the usual demands that are placed upon you from outside.

The classes that I teach are suitable for beginners and more advanced yoga students alike - we learn to work to our own limits and to challenge ourselves appropriately for how we find ourselves each time that we come to the mat.

All classes include time to focus the mind and ground the body at the beginning. This allows us to "check in" to see how we are really feeling today. For many of us it will have been the first time in the day that we have actually stopped to take stock and sometimes we can be surprised by the tension in our bodies and the busyness of our minds.

Time is then spent on warming up the body before working on the "asanas" or postures. Posture work helps to develop stamina, strength and suppleness throughout the body as well as mental focus and concentration. By working with conscious awareness of the body and in harmony with the breath, posture work can become a wonderful way of "coming home" to one's body.

Click here to see a short whole body sequence that can be used as a warm up at the start of your practice - or as a sequence that you use as a short standalone practice.


Most classes include a short period of "pranayama" or yogic breathing and may include some simple meditation. All classes incude a deep relaxation - allowing you to fully renew, refresh and re-energise your body and your mind.

I try to ensure that my classes are friendly and inclusive (there's always a way to modify things to suit individual body needs). I aim for my classes to be an environment where everyone feels comfortable and safely able to explore their own boundaries.

I also aim to lead my classes into a place of stillness so that you can find and take the refreshment that your body, mind, and spirit needs, from the place of peace that dwells within you ...