Body-positive Yoga for bodies of all shapes and sizes ...

Have you ever told yourself you can't do yoga because you feel your body is too big?
Have you ever been in a yoga class and felt uncomfortable because it seemed to you that yours was the only body that wouldn't do certain poses? (Actually we all feel like that sometimes...)
Or maybe you're a beginner and simply want to practice yoga in a space which is really welcoming and non-competitive.

The practice of Yoga allows us to stretch our bodies, build strength and stamina, release tight joints, breathe more fully and learn how to relax more easily and deeply.

I try to ensure that all my classes are Curvy friendly. To ensure that everyone can do some version of everything we do. I try to plan my classes with the understanding that sometimes we need to modify or make space for boobs, bums and bellies but that there's always a way for everyone to get the benefits of the yoga practices.

And the benefits? Feeling good in your body. A sense of quietness in your mind. A peacefulness in your spirit. A real feeling of coming home to yourself.


And if you don't feel ready to step straight into a group class setting?

Then book up to 3 yoga sessions with me on a 121 basis. We can work together to get you familiar with the poses and your body, and to allow you to feel confident about how to adapt the postures in a way that works with your body so that you can join my general or women's classes and feel happy, confident and fully at home from the word go!

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I'm the first Curvy Yoga Certified teacher in the UK. Take a look at the link below to read a bit about me from the Curvy Yoga Website.

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