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Blissful Living offers welcoming and nurturing yoga for busy, stressed and fatigued people at all stages of life, teaching a range of practices to help everyone feel more at ease in their bodies and minds.

With many years of expertise delivering Pregnancy and Hatha Yoga classes in the community, the emphasis in more recent years has extended to include the more meditative and quieter practices of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra deep relaxation. As my journey in yoga has deepened I recognise that so many of us have a need for space and time to be able to slow down and nurture ourselves and I love to create comfortable, safe and welcoming opportunities for this.

In addition to regular classes, one to one/Private & small group is taught in the beautiful Blissful Living home garden studio in Northwich together with outdoor yoga in the summer.

Please note that I'm currently on a sabbatical from teaching planning a slow return to teaching in early 2020

I am planning a sustainable return to teaching doing small group classes and private yoga sessions in the Blissful Living Studio.  Please sign up for the newsletter to be kept up to date and if you're on Facebook or Instagram please like or follow for more regular updates of what's going on in the Blissful Living world.

About Me

While growing up our family travelled because of my father’s job. We lived in many diverse parts of the world including India, Canada, Israel, Tanzania and Pakistan. I was lucky enough to travel to places such as Afghanistan and through India and Pakistan in late 70s and early 80s – visiting and living in places that were to affect me profoundly.

General Yoga

Yoga classes are an opportunity to spend some time on you, getting to know yourself a little better, and allowing yourself the space to be the person that you were meant to be, without the usual demands that are placed upon you from outside.

Pregnancy Yoga

Every pregnancy is a voyage of discovery, not only for you and your baby, but for your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit. Yoga can prove to be a wonderful way to explore the changing territory as you move towards birth and motherhood.

Curvy Yoga

The practice of Yoga allows us to stretch our bodies, build strength and stamina, release tight joints, breathe more fully and learn how to relax more easily and deeply.
I try to ensure that all my classes are Curvy friendly.

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Booking Page


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To start on your Blissful Living journey to reach inwards to the peace that rests at your centre, contact me for an informal chat.